L'Autre Cirque

Artistes variés - Canada - Québec

La chose-en-soi
The Thing-In-Itself - Credit: Caroline Thibault
Athlétisme affectif
Athlétisme affectif - Credit: Denis Martin
SCUSE- Credit: Frédérique Cournoyer-Lessard
Eklats - Credit: Collectif Cookson Lachance


From July 11 to 14


Duration90 minutes


Regular : $20.44

Co-broadcasting show

Live new experiences!
La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines and TOHU, as part of MONTREAL COMPLETEMENT CIRQUE, are joining forces for L'Autre Cirque, which celebrates the hybridity of approaches, mixes, sometimes disturbs, always refreshes! On the edge of the circus and other forms of expression, these unusual evenings give carte blanche to artists who choose alternative paths of creation. An opportunity to discover a different circus and to live new experiences!

The-Thing-In-itself by The Chita Project
Two figures constantly remodel a space evocative of an artificial, manufactured natural landscape. Contemplative and chaotic by turns, the piece is built around an innovative acrobatic vocabulary, which grew out of the artists' deep immersion in combat sports. Intimacy and tension emerge through repetition, loops and mirror images. A DIY electronic soundscape guides us through this fragile world, which shifts between synchronicity and syncopation, harmony and dissonance.

Eklats by the Collectif Cookson-Lachance
EKLATS is a solo show mixing circus arts, movement, and, to a certain extent, puppetry. With a duration of sixty minutes, this show created by the Cookson-Lachance collective is intended for a general public. The work begins with Cyr wheels. Whole, dismembered, twisted- they can be manipulated, transformed, or converted to serve abstraction, games, and emotions. In a universe of canvas, pieces of wood, metal and lights, a solitary being travels through his night in search of himself.

Monday July 11th 9pm
Tuesday, July 12th 6pm

SCUSE by Frédérique Cournoyer-Lessard
SCUSE is a documentary circus show in which artist Frédérique Cournoyer Lessard recalls various events from her childhood and teenage years that shaped her perception of femininity and sexuality. By bringing together different autobiographical fragments, the artist invites us to reflect on the impact of the binary system of interpersonal relationships. How does the socio-cultural stigma of gender influence us to adopt behaviors that encourage domination and sexual violence?

Athlétisme affectif by Jimmy Gonzalez
What happens when a juggler goes on autopilot and stops paying attention to his balls? Inspired by the ritual of the warm-up, Jimmy takes us into a trance with him and lets his movements flow unconsciously, focusing instead on his physical sensations, his breathing. Circus becomes a somatic practice. Jimmy juggles an ever-expanding number of tasks. The action escalates, verging closer and closer to chaos. He challenges himself with this act that is five times longer than a classic juggling solo, finding pleasure in endurance.

Wednesday, July 13, 9:00 p.m.
Thursday, July 14, 6:00 p.m.

The Thing-In-Itself by The Chita Project
Created and performed by Anna Kichtchenko & Pablo Pramparo Dramaturgy Sebastian Kann
Scenic Design The Chita Project
Scenic Design Consultant Audrée Juteau Lewka
Scenic Design Assistant Emily Tucker
Sound Design Joël Lavoie & The Chita Project
Special thanks to Nicolas Cantin, Maria Kefirova, Emile Pineault, Ana Capelluto, Maxim Laurin

Eklats by the Collectif Cookson-Lachance
Writing, Performer/Creator Bobby Cookson
Writing, artistic direction and staging Julie Lachance
Set design and props collaboration Anthony Venisse
Lighting Design Bruno Rafie
Costume Design Michael Slack
Sound editing Bobby Cookson
Juggling and manipulation Nicolas Boivin-Gravel Cyr wheel collaboration Éric Deschênes
Technical direction and stage management Rodolphe Saint-Arneault
Handling toile Daniel Stefek

SCUSE by Frédérique Cournoyer-Lessard
Author and performer Frédérique Cournoyer Lessard
Artist and visual designer Estelle Frenette-Vallières
Choreographer Laurie-Anne Langis
Acrobatic Designer Nadia Richer
Specific coach Éric Deschênes
Specific visual artist Marie France Cournoyer
DJ Syana Barbara
Sound Jérôme Guilleaume

Athlétisme affectif by Jimmy Gonzalez
Concept, choreography and interpretation Jimmy Gonzalez
Sound Director Olivier Landry-Gagnon
Lighting design Martin Sirois
Outside view Erika Nguyen