For several years now, MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE has been developing a sustainable, eco-responsible event organization. The festival wants to significantly improve its actions in terms of sustainable development. We strongly believe that, as an organization, it is possible to create and be part of an eco-responsible movement.

With a few simple gestures, you too can make a difference during your visit to the festival, while enjoying the many events that bring Montreal to life. Ready to become an eco-friendly Festival attendee?

I sort my waste

You can use the sorting bins provided throughout the site.

At the Quartier latin
For a second year, the festival is introducing recycling on its outdoor site in the Latin Quarter. Numerous double bins have been placed in several locations.

I move smartly

  • By using public transport
  • By walking or cycling
  • By carpooling

I bring my own reusable bottle or cup

or buy one at the festival boutiques