Projet Sanctuaire - Quebec - Canada


From July 13 to 16


Duration75 min


Regular from $33.60
Children from $16.80
Students under 25 from $28.56
Seniors +65 from $30.24


Composed of six circus artists from the Projet Sanctuaire and an orchestra of eight musicians, Hémisphère is a reflection on stellar and terrestrial cycles and our relationship to time.

Nature, the changing seasons, friendships and human connections that are created, lost and transformed are at the heart of this high caliber show.

Created outdoors, at the mercy of the natural elements, and transposed this time indoors, this show invites you into a meditative space through hypnotic circus performances and daring musical arrangements delivered by a highly talented orchestra.

About Projet Sanctuaire

Projet Sanctuaire offers a nomadic space of refuge, of rest in a chaotic world. The collective revisits the way to create and experience a work by nourishing the circus form with the language of dance, visual arts and architecture. Projet Sanctuaire also seeks to shed light on human relationships on stage, to nourish an imaginary world where bodies come into contact and support each other, where tenderness becomes strength. The attention to detail and the importance of the aesthetic experience give Projet Sanctuaire an immediately recognizable signature.


Original idea: Hubert Lavallée-Bellefleur
Creation and direction: Projet Sanctuaire (Guillaume Paquin, Arthur Morel Van Hyfte, Tuedon Ariri, Marie Lebot, Olivier Sylvestre)
Performers: Guillaume Paquin, Arthur Morel Van Hyfte, Marie Lebot, Évelyne Paquin-Lanthier, Camille Tremblay and Olivier Sylvestre
Musical direction: Catherine Mailloux
Musical arrangement: Christophe Magnan-Bossé
Musicians :
Catherine Mailloux (Lunes Quartet), violinist
Marie-Claire Cardinal (Lunes Quartet), Violinist
Marilou Lepage (Lunes Quartet), violist
Juliette Leclerc (Lunes Quartet), Cellist
Christophe Magnan-Bossé, Musical arrangements, pianist
Olivier Laroche, Percussionist
Raphaël Laliberté-Desgagné, Guitarist / Bassist
Pascal Larose-Picher, Keyboardist
Lighting design: Martin Sirois
Technical Director: Cyrile Vo-Quang
Costume Design: Camille Thibault-Bédard
Set design: Projet Sanctuaire