Mamselle Ruiz - Canada / Mexico

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André Chevrier
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July 14th and 15th at 7pm


Duration70/80 min
PlaceTOHU - Grand Chapiteau


Regular: $25
Students under 25: $21.25
Children under 12: $12.5
Senior +65 years: $22.5

Mamselle Ruiz invites us to a memorable moment with Éclipse, an event celebrating the release of her eponymous fourth solo album. With a team of seasoned musicians, world-renowned acrobatic salsa dancers and sublime circus artists. Faithful to her colorful launches, she offers us a retrospective of her artistic career, and chooses TOHU's Big Top as the ideal venue to highlight her atypical journey.

Éclipse is the fruit of the meeting of two worlds that inhabit Mamselle, two opposing forces that have shaped her history. Finally at maturity, this fusion between her homeland and her origins is a show imbued with passion and festivity, offering a deep dive into the artist's soul through her roots, spirituality and creativity. A unique moment at the crossroads of genres and cultures, inviting the audience to enjoy an immersive and spellbinding experience.

This show and album are the continuation of Soleil de Lune, released at the end of 2019, whose tours were restricted due to the pandemic.

About Mamselle Ruiz

Mamselle Ruiz is a talented Quebec-Mexican singer-songwriter who has made Montreal her home since 2010. Her artistic path regularly leads her to the circus and dance arts. A product of Latin American culture, she has practiced singing and social dancing from an early age. Her passion for the circus arts has also led her to sing on numerous occasions for the famous Cirque du Soleil.

Her music, both festive and romantic, is a skilful blend of Latin American rhythms and her North American influences. Mamselle has also received numerous other awards in Canada; in 2018, she was nominated for an Adisq award, and in 2014, she was named Révélation Radio-Canada. The artist has shared the stage with internationally renowned artists such as Elvis Crespo, Lila Down and Michel Jonasz, and has collaborated with many well-known local artists, and is just completing a 2-year tour with Marco Calliari.