Brave Space

Aloft - United States

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From July 8 to 16


Duration60 min


Regular ticket: $31
Children under 12: $15.50
Student -15 years: $26.35
Seniors +65: $27.90


Brave Space is a blanket fort, a hoopskirt, an impulsive congregation in the tiniest of tents. Inspired by the idea of creating community in trying times, it begins as a puddle of fabric and grows to encompass a world of wondrous circus. Intimate and low tech, the audience sits nose-to-nose with a female cast of bold acrobats to build the world we want to live in, even for only a few shared moments. Deeply intimate, Brave Space requires 100% trust between the performers and the audience who physically construct the show and keep the artists aloft.

"Art created from joy and defined by teamwork. Everything the troupe performs is completed with love and support. That love is shrared with the audience too."

- Broadway Baby

"Moments of transcendence and utter collective enchantment"

- The Stage

About Aloft Circus Arts

Founded in 2005, Aloft Circus Arts brings heart and artistry to a performance art usually associated with physical strength and fearlessness. The resulting shows highlight more than just the physical capacity to fly, twist, balance, and spin - we celebrate the human capacity for sensitivity as well as strength, beauty as well as bravery, empathy as well as pure creative fire. Our performers are some of the premier athletes in the world, from a diverse range of circus acts - but when we work together, the stories we share with the audience are always about the feelings and experiences that unite us all. We look to have a direct emotional dialogue with our audience, and due to our accessible nature, everyone regardless of education, age, culture or background can be engaged.

Aloft has produced 8 full length shows and performed countless one-off performances around the world. Our ongoing shows “Brave Space” and “Sanctuary” have gained a cult following in the USA, selling out every monthly show for the last 11 years! Brave Space recently was featured at the Underbelly Circus Hub at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it sold out most shows and received rave reviews.

Important to know

During this show, some people may experience claustrophobia. The performance involves close contact with other people and a crowded environment. Audiences are encouraged to take breaks as needed during the performance. The performance also requires the audience to move throughout the performance and move from sitting to standing to lying down.


Artistic Director: Shayna Swanson
Artists: Zoe Sheppard, Hayley Larson, Linnea Ridolfi, Rachel Nesnevich, Heather Dart, Sarah Tapper
Set design: Angela Eve
Set Construction: Erin Doll
Costume Design: Zoe Sheppard and Shayna Swanson
Lighting Designer: Alex Avery
Sound Editing: Rachel Karabenick