Bosch Dreams

Les 7 Doigts

Created in 2016 for the 500th anniversary of the artist’s passing, in collaboration with Copenhague’s Theatre Republique, the acclaimed show has toured the world. Les 7 Doigts have chosen to conclude the Bosch Dreams adventure home, and invite us to a captivating stroll in celebration of imagination.



Driven by a pop diva and her sidekick drummer, FINALE twists cabaret, circus and rock together into a wild party you won't forget! Joy leads the way and unforgettable feats follow one another as each of the eight friends perform breathtaking acts.

In association with Just For Laughs

La Galerie

Machine de Cirque

A whole new creation by seven acrobats and a musician! In a series of group feats, the close-knit artists take us to an art gallery for a creative journey. Fun guaranteed!


Gandini Juggling & Alexander Whitley

In a joyous celebration where juggling and contemporary dance unite, the virtuoso members of a Festival favorite deliver a fine, sharp and colourful artful experience. It’s graceful, brilliant—and there’s no shortage of the English people’s typical offbeat humour.


El Nucleo

On a bare stage, six men propel and intertwine their body, dance and twirl, pile up and fly away. Simply. Powerfully.


DynamO Théâtre & Guillaume Doin du Collectif À deux roux

At the confluence of circus, magic and physical theatre, the bicycle show features an acrobat and objects that come alive and speak to us of transmission and legacy. A story of rebirth in all sweetness and poesy that will appeal to young and old alike.

Se prendre

Claudel Doucet & Cooper Lee Smith, de LION LION

This experience in close proximity for adventurous spectators carries us into the complexity of two acrobats’ intimacy, whom we follow in an apartment from one room to another. Tales of the coming together of our solitude, the show is its own mirror, brutal and tender, singular and disturbing.

L’autre cirque

Regroupement de plusieurs compagnies

MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE and La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines come together for the benefit of the other circus, the one that disturbs, mixes, disguises! These outstanding evenings give carte blanche to artists who choose alternate creative pathways. Refreshing!

Le Monastère Circus-Cabaret

Le Monastère

Discover the uniquely immersive and festive circus cabarets, a more intimate and relaxed format presenting spectacular high-end performances by professional artists from world renowned circuses. For this special occasion, Le Monastère presents a '' late-show '' highlighting a little more daring acrobats than the usual ...

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