Les étoiles tomberont

La Fratrie

Theater in French

The constellations at your fingertips
In this epic journey, theater, circus, dance and music meet and mingle in a contemporary adaptation of the founding myths, articulating a vibrant statement about our collectivity. Les étoiles tomberont is a story of power, a rebirth, an invitation to rethink the world around us.


Cirque Barcode, Acting for Climate Montréal

A human homage to nature
A spectacular celebration of nature and the power of community awaits you in the Cirque du Soleil gardens! Here, rocks, trees and groves become the stage for the flights, lifts, climbs and jostles of the eight acrobat-dancers of this striking show. The bodies rise, support each other, in a sublime collective momentum.

Cabaret du Jugement Dernier

Le Monastère

Who’s going to heaven? Attend a unique contest in the Jardin of Centre St Jax, animated and dressed by Le Monastère and XPMTL! Take advantage of the summer temperatures and see the province’s best artists parade before your eyes and those of a jury composed of major players of the Quebec circus scene. They will present their acts in their purest forms, just as they imagined them, and you will have...


Lion Lion

An experiment in clever pleasure From the balconies, alleys or courtyards of Plateau Mont-Royal and Mile End, along three distinct routes, nine artists deliver various performances exploring the evocative and inexhaustible theme of fun! All chosen for the relevance of their approach and the aesthetic richness of their universe, these nine creators probe this notion of pleasure in an experimental a...

Les canons du cirque

Duels dans la ville

DUELS DANS LA VILLE Inspired by "Battle" style confrontations, this creation proposes a series of epic duels in which the artists confront each other, putting forward the audacity, the surpassing of oneself and the immense risk-taking inherent in the circus. Filmed in locations offering breathtaking views of the City of Montreal, the series Les Canons du cirque will blow your mind. Conception...

Saint-Denis street

Quartier des spectacles

An immersive universe invaded by decor and urban furniture diverted, versatile, with circus codes. A living environment where nothing is ordinary, where circus art becomes urban art: a table that suddenly becomes a circus stage; a German wheel that becomes a public bench; acrobatic fabrics that roll down the windows, etc. Between Ontario and de Maisonneuve streets.

The Neighborhood Tour

Throw 2 Catch et Marguerite à bicyclette

Keep your eyes open! MONTREAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE has put together a program of two travelling shows that will visit different neighbourhoods. You might see Geek Quest or Cirqu'Avélo come to your street!

Surprise performances TOHU


Parce qu’il n’y a jamais assez d’arts vivants dans la zone multicolore de MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE, les festivaliers sont aussi attendus à la TOHU pendant les fins de semaine du Festival. Cirque, musique, danse et arts visuels seront de la partie sur la place publique de la TOHU ! Ouvrez l’œil… À LA TOHU, LES 9, 10 ET 11 + 16, 17 ET 18 JUILLET.

Le carnaval de cirque social

Cirque Hors Piste

Cirque Hors Piste has you see outside the box with its happening that mixes social circus and street artists. Music, participatory activities and animations await!

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