The Pulse

Gravity & Other Myths / Cor de Noies de l'Orfeó Català

When facing change you have two options - to tame the beast or to ride the beast.

For acrobatics and physical theatre company, Gravity & Other Myths, 2020 was a beast like no other and taming it was never a viable option.


Cirk La Putyka

Award winning contemporary circus company Cirk La Putyka introduces a spellbinding show filled to the brim with enchanting dance, impressive acrobatics and original live music that sets out to examine the experience of time in a world that demands everything be done in haste.


Projet Sanctuaire

Composed of six circus artists from the Projet Sanctuaire and an orchestra of eight musicians, Hémisphère is a reflection on stellar and terrestrial cycles and our relationship to time.

Brave Space


Brave Space is a blanket fort, a hoopskirt, an impulsive congregation in the tiniest of tents. Inspired by the idea of creating community in trying times, it begins as a puddle of fabric and grows to encompass a world of wondrous circus.


Foire électrotrad par Cirque Alfonse

BARBU, electro trad fair, plunges into the origins of the circus in Montreal, from the end of the 19th to the 20th century. A fairground, a space for performance and exhibitionism, where the spectator is plunged into a universe of curiosity and eccentricity.

Dirty Laundry

invitée spéciale Barbada, Briefs Factory International

After 10 years of selling out festivals worldwide, the Briefs boys are back with their hills hoist poised ready to air their Dirty Laundry in this brand-new party cabaret you don’t want to miss out on


Gabriela Muñoz

Julieta tells the story of a woman – full of experiences and quirkiness – and the multiple layers that old age brings. Transcending the literal to accommodate the humor and nuances of the human experience, it is a visual non-verbal one-woman show of physical theater that deals with the split between youth and old age.


Les Foutoukours

Two strange characters appear on stage.
They are bushy, soft and ageless.
Will they manage to find out where they are... and where they are going?

L'après-midi tombe quand tes biscuits se ruinent

La Croustade

L'après-midi tombe quand tes biscuits se ruinent is a 60-minute performance by two interpreters about the opposition and relationship between the child's soul and the adult's soul. It aims to create links and contrasts between these two subjects that are linked by an inevitable temporality and a disconcerting polarity.

Un Domingo

Galpon de Guevara et Proyecto Migra

A baroque, wild, fun show where extreme acrobatics and primordial feelings generate explosive energy. An immersion in the life of a shameless family where everything overflows, love and hate.


Jörg Müller & Noémi Boutin

Triptych punctuated by the famous Suites of J.S Bach, n°1, 3, and 5, of which the cellist expresses all the delicacy and infinite elegance. Her music is intertwined with three lively tableaux performed by the circus artist, balancer and dancer, Jörg Müller.


Mamselle Ruiz

Mamselle Ruiz invites us to a memorable moment with Éclipse, an event celebrating the release of her eponymous fourth solo album. With a team of seasoned musicians, world-renowned acrobatic salsa dancers and sublime circus artists.

Cabaret du Jugement Dernier

Le Monastère

Let the lighted bell tower of the Monastery guide you to the Cabaret du Jugement Dernier!
Taking place in Le Jardin, this circus cabaret in partnership with Montréal Complètement Cirque is a friendly competition between the best artists in the province.

L'Autre Cirque

Artistes variés

La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CIRQUE and TOHU unite for the benefit of L'Autre Cirque, which celebrates the hybridization of genres, a mixture that sometimes surprises, but always refreshes.

The Giant

Cirque Éloize

With more than 155,000 spectators in 2022, The GIANT is back for a second edition and will be displayed on the Esplanade PVM, Place Ville Marie for the 14th edition of the MONTREAL COMPLETEMENT CiRQUE festival.

Giant experience

Cirque Éloize

Celebrate in style with a front-row seat to the Montreal phenomenon presented for the second year running, The GIANT, a presentation of Nouveau Centre by Ivanhoe Cambridge.


Quartier des spectacles

In addition to the dazzling décor of Place Pasteur, Saint-Denis Street will once again be completely circus - thanks to an immersive universe!


Place Pasteur

Live music, cocktail, eclectic atmosphere and spontaneous acrobatics!

Le Carnaval de cirque social

Cirque Hors Piste

Cirque Hors Piste has you see outside the box with its happening that mixes social circus and street artists. Music, participatory activities and animations await!

Gardien du temps

Agile Talon

Rendezvous at the Jardins Gamelin for the great show Gardien du temps, a hectic journey through time, with high-level acrobatic acts unfolding around a grandiose structure representing a clock and the passage of time. The spectators will be transported to the past, the present and finally to the future! This is a fascinating escapade in time that will shed new light on the past of the time keeper....

La Famille GoldenCrust

Les Deux de Pique

Kitschy fun and wacky humor!
We invite you to meet the GoldenCrusts. Grace and her boyfriend Kevin are freshly returned from a trip to Florida, and they're setting up camp in your neighbourhood!

The Neighborhood Tour

Plusieurs compagnies de cirque

Keep your eyes open! MONTREAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE has put together a program of two travelling shows that will visit different neighbourhoods. You might see Geek Quest or Cirqu'Avélo come to your street!

Show Devant - Sans filet au cœur du Géant

Par Fred Gérard, Geneviève Kérouac et le Camion d'Intervention Artistique

The MONTREAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE GIANTS are unique and imposing structures. These steel colossi, measuring 52 feet in height, were created in the summer of 2022, and few artists have had the opportunity to tackle them until now.

Show Devant

par Fred Gérard, Geneviève Kérouac et le Camion d'Intervention Artistique

Have you ever had the chance to go behind the scenes of a circus show's creative process? You'll have the chance to find out during MONTREAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE with Show Devant, presented by the Camion d'Intervention Artistique!

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