Gardien du temps

Agile Talon - Canada - Québec

Photo 1
Crédit photo : Andrew Miller
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Crédit photo : Andrew Miller
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crédit photo : JF Savaria
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crédit photo : JF Savaria


From July 6 to 16 at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm (no show on Monday July 10)


Duration30 minutes
PlaceJardins Gamelin (Métro Berri-UQAM)


Rendez-vous at the Jardins Gamelin for the great show Gardien du temps, a hectic journey through time, with high-level acrobatic acts unfolding around a grandiose structure representing a clock and the passage of time. The spectators will be transported to the past, the present and finally to the future! This is a fascinating escapade in time that will shed new light on the past of the time keeper.


Elizabeth Gaumond, Canada - Contortion
Marilou Verschelden, Canada - German Wheel
Jasmin Blouin, Canada - Trampwall and juggling
Nik Letellier, Sweden - Trampwall
Vincent Bellemare, Canada - High bar and trampwall
Frederick Nicolas, Canada - High bar
Jean Begin-Rainville, Canada - High bar and Russian swing
Dave Locke, United States - High bar and trampwall
Jonathan Victoria - Balancing act
Stephane Pansa, France - Slack wire

Creative and production team
Daniel COLA - Creative Director
Janick Wolput - Production Manager
Pierre Boileau - Director
Matthieu Poirier - Lighting Designer
Mickael Letresit - Music Designer
David Grover - Rigger
Marie Cocotte Chailler - Costume Designer