July 3 to 14

Quebec - Canada



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13 years and older


BARBU is a bellyful of cheeky humour and brazen eccentricity. It's a circus of exceptionally strong men and women, delivering edge-of-your-seat entertainment set to a rollicking soundtrack from a frenetic live band. Direct from Canada, Cirque Alfonse is one of the world's greatest circus companies, famed for shows that explore the edges of contemporary circus. Barbu creates a strange and wonderful world, straddling old traditions with a modern edge, delivering straight-up entertainment - a wildly exuberant night out at the circus.


Presence of strobe effect and nudity in the show

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About Cirque Alfonse

Cirque Alfonse was built around the desire to collaborate with family members and friends, but above all with the desire to perpetuate a tradition of travelling family circus, in a contemporary version, which does not deny our Quebec roots.

It is from a core group composed of Antoine Carabinier and Geneviève Gauthier, circus artists, Julie Carabinier, contemporary dance performer and Alain Carabinier, old artist at heart, that Cirque Alfonse was built.

Born in 2005 in the Lanaudière region of Quebec by the Carabinier-Lépine family and their close friends, the company created its first show in 2006 with La Brunante.

With the collaboration of Alain Francoeur, director, and Nicolas Descoteaux, lighting designer, the circus acts come to life in dance and play, with the idea of reviving traditional music wakes with spoons, jigs and clappers, where the whole bastringue has a great time. The adventure begins!


Circus artists

Antoine Carabinier Lépine
Jonathan Casaubon
Ugo Dario
Lucas Jolly
Laura Lippert
Gen Morin
Jean-Philippe Cuerrier


Josianne Laporte
Dâvi Simard
Colin Savoie-Levac


Director: Alain Francoeur
Artistic Directors: Antoine Carabinier Lépine et Julie Carabinier Lépine
Musical Composers: André Gagné et David Simard
Video Editing: Frederic Barrette
Lighting Design: Nicolas Descôteaux
Acrobatic Equipment Design: Alain Carabinier
Costumes: Lucien Berneche
Design of the disco ball costume: Manon Desmarais
Sound Technician: Katie Sweeny
Lighting Technician: Effé Piché

The creation of the BARBU tour was made possible thanks to financial support from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts.