Panel discussions

Three thematic panel discussions, featuring expert guests from within the Festival and across the world, explore urgent and resonant topics that weave contemporary circus into broader dialogues within the international performing arts field. Panel discussions are open to the public, click here to register (if you are not attending the MICC).

Interdisciplinary Concepts & Collaborations in Contemporary Circus
Co-presented with Concordia University
DATE : Wednesday July 10
TIME: 10 am -12 pm
PLACE : York Auditorium (EV Building), Concordia University
In English

Three works featured in this year’s Festival consciously traverse the boundaries between contemporary circus and other arts disciplines, from dance to visual art. Circus has always been a container for many art forms within itself—yet the circus world often operates independently of other art worlds. Join us to contemplate the porousness of the discipline in present and future practice.

Panelists :
Yaron Lifschitz, Artistic Director, Circa (Australia)
Brigitte Poupart, Actress and director, Transethéâtre (Canada)
Samuel Tétreault, Director of Bosch Dreams, 7 Fingers (Canada)
Jedediah Wheeler, Executive Director, Arts & Cultural Programming, Montclair State University (USA)

Facilitated by
Patrick Leroux, Associate Dean, Concordia University.

For more information about the seminar, visit the website.

Circus in Public Space
DATE: Thursday July 11
TIME: 10 am - 11:30 am
PLACE: National Circus School
In English

Looking for the next big thing in audience expansion and community engagement? Head outdoors. Performing artists are making adventurous work for public space these days, and contemporary circus is a preferred medium. In this innovative panel featuring curators and artists from North America and Europe, discover what’s possible—and what’s touring—for the via public.

Panelists :
Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga, High wire artist, Cie Basinga (France)
Donghee Cho, Artistic Director, Seoul Circus and Street Arts Festival (South Korea)
Anna Giribet i Argilès, Artistic Director, Fira Tarrega, (Spain)
Alfred Konijnenbelt, Artistic Director, Festival Spoffin (Netherlands)
Amélie Moncelet, Outdoor Programming Manager, Montréal Complètement Cirque (Canada)

Facilitated by
Ruth Juliet Wikler, Circus Programming, TOHU.

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion in Contemporary Circus
DATE: Thursday July 11
TIME: 2:30 pm - 4 pm
PLACE: National Circus School
Bilingual: French/English

Contemporary circus is one of the most democratic and accessible performing art forms, with collective creation as a preferred development strategy and audience engagement as a core aesthetic value. « Social circus » makes a demonstrable impact in the lives of youth living in contexts of poverty and conflict around the world. Circus in Europe is having its #metoo awakening; the first African Circus Arts Festival, featuring African artists from across the continent, launched recently in Addis Ababa; and some of the discipline’s most exciting new touring works are being made by artists with disabilities and from the Global South. So what’s new, and what’s next, in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in contemporary circus? Meet artists and presenters thinking outside the box.

Panelists :
Malú Ansaldo, Head of Performing Arts, Roundhouse (United Kingdom)
Erin Ball, Artist, Kingston Circus Arts (Canada)
Fez Faanana, Artistic Director and performer, Briefs Factory (Australia)
Karine Lavoie, Director, Cirque Hors Piste (Canada)
Wilmer Marquez, Co-Artistic Director & circus artist, Cie El Nucleo (France)

Facilitated by
Monique Martin, Harlem Stage


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