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A word from the gouvernement du Québec

A word from the gouvernement du Québec

MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE’s varied programming that includes free outdoor shows throughout the city offers Montrealers and visitors dazzling, colourful performances. The festive, family-oriented event celebrates the talent and creativity of our performers and offers an outstanding showcase for up-and-coming circus artists.

By offering festivalgoers a unique, original experience, this major festival is diversifying Québec’s tourism and cultural offerings, thereby generating significant economic spinoff for Montréal. Your government is indeed pleased to support this world-class summer event, which is helping to proudly position Montréal as a world circus capital.

Best wishes for a successful festival!

Chantal Rouleau
Minister for Transport
Minister Responsible for the Metropolis and the Montréal Region

Caroline Proulx
Minister of Tourism

A word from the gouvernement du Québec

Mayor’s message, Valérie Plante

Mayor’s message,  Valérie Plante

Completely cool!

Finally, Montréal is celebrating circus again, to the great delight of the entire population, myself included.

Our city is renowned internationally as a cultural metropolis, animated by excellent festivals, but also as a world capital of circus arts, thanks to its rich and dynamic ecosystem.

The city is thus happy to lend its support and contribute to the success of Montréal Complètement Cirque since its very beginnings. Yes, we are truly proud to see the event grow every year, and to celebrate this year its tenth anniversary.

Montrealers have quickly adopted this event, thanks, among other things, to its free outdoor programming, offering a myriad of activities for young and old! In addition to Rue St-Denis, that will light up and welcome the most colorful and inspiring artists for the event, various neighborhoods will also be completely overtaken by the circus, to the delight of their residents.

I encourage all Montrealers to go out and discover these wonderful multidisciplinary artists, who have more than a trick in their hat. Best wishes to the entire team behind this festival that places Montréal in the spotlight.

Valérie Plante
Mayor of Montréal

Picture credit : Martin Girard//

Mayor’s message,  Valérie Plante

Word from M. Pablo Rodriguez

Word from M. Pablo Rodriguez

Our government believes that the arts are a unifying force and contribute to the vitality of communities across Canada. That is why we are proud to support MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE, and its electrifying performances that not only showcase talented artists, but also dazzle Montreal audiences.

Over the next 11 days, the city’s parks, streets, sidewalks and stages will come alive with the colours, sounds and creativity of artists and acrobats. A first-of-its-kind event, this cultural gathering amazes crowds throughout the city and helps solidify Montréal’s reputation as the world circus arts capital.

As Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism, I would like to congratulate the TOHU and everyone who worked hard to make this year’s event possible. I hope everyone taking part enjoys a fun and enriching experience.

The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez
Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism

Word from M. Pablo Rodriguez

Word from M. Yves Lalumière

Word from M. Yves Lalumière

Once again, Montréal complètement cirque is poised to take over the city’s streets, parks and stages for 10 days of awe and excitement. While the festival is rooted in the Latin Quarter, its cheer will spread across the city to put smiles on the faces of locals and visitors. Let yourself get caught up in the magic!

Tourisme Montréal salutes the talented artists and professionals who come from all four corners of the planet to make Montréal the world capital of circus arts. We also wish a warm welcome to everyone who has come to attend the 10th edition of the circus arts festival and take in everything Montréal has to offer!

Yves Lalumière
President and CEO
Tourisme Montréal

Word from M. Yves Lalumière
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