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Le Gros Orteil - Quebec - Canada

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Photo credit : Robert Gilbert
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Photo credit : Robert Gilbert


July 5 to 7 at 4pm
July 12 to 14 at 4pm

Recommended age :

5 years old and older


Duration50 min


Regular from $29,60
Student -25 from $25,16
Seniors +65 from $26,64
Child from 14,80$

At first glance, Paul-Émile Dumoulin seems like just a regular librarian. He is serious, proud and very orderly. Every book is in its place on his impeccable shelves. The only problem? As soon as Paul-Émile gets his nose in a book, reality disappears, giving way to the slightly crazy worlds he discovers between the pages. On his adventures, the very sensible librarian metamorphoses. He suddenly turns into strange and silly characters who perform acrobatics, balancing, juggling, break dancing and beatboxing. Just how far will reading take him?

About Le Gros Orteil

The company Le Gros Orteil, founded in 2013, has as its primary mission the creation of shows, animations and professional workshops for young audiences, mixing the disciplines of circus arts, physical theater and clowning. The company aims to encourage improvisation as the starting point for the creation of a show, to translate the authenticity of emotions, and to promote friendly interaction with its audience. Because children are nuggets of spontaneity and boundless imagination, our shows leave plenty of room for imagination, travel and dreams. Without a fourth wall, our artists draw children into their stories.

In collaboration with :

Montréal pour enfants

Credits :

Director: Marie-Hélène D'Amours, Hippolyte
Artist: Hippolyte
Set Design: Ghislain Buisson
Costume Design: Elizabeth Cognard
Musical design: Hippolyte, Sylvaine Arnaud, Damien Ropars
Lighting design: Julie Laroche