Les Foutoukours - Quebec - Canada

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July 13 and 14 at 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm

Recommended age :

5 and older


Duration55 min


Regular from $36
Student -25 from $30,60
Seniors +65 from $32,40

It’s not always easy to work in pairs! The art of giving a chance to the other and collaborating when the right time comes is what the Brotipos will have to learn! Two clowns who touch the hearts of the audience and make them laugh through their quarrels, their acrobatics and their lonely moments. A show filled with handstands, diabolo and a hand-to-hand act that will make you sing and dance with them! Hilarious and comical, that’s Brotipo, for the young and old!

"Un spectacle rythmé, précis, rigoureux et attachant"

- Rue du Théâtre

About Les Foutoukours

Since 1997, Les Foutoukours have been working to actualize the art of clowning, highlighting its emotional plurality and using its creative freedom to tackle contemporary themes using physical play as a universal language.
This artistic direction brings with it a mission to educate a wide range of audiences and help them evolve their vision of clowning through 3 sectors within the company: stage production, cultural mediation and professional training.

In collaboration with :

Montréal pour enfants


CLOWN CREATION : Rémi Jacques et Jean-Félix Bélanger
SET DESIGN : Rémi Jacques
COSTUME DESIGN : Miguel Bergeron
SEAMSTRESS : Chantal Mailly
MUSICAL DIRECTOR : Jean-Félix Bélanger