3 GIANTS in the city

JULY 7 TO 17, at 6:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m - FREE (no show on Monday, July 11, no performance at 6pm at Vinet Park on Saturday, July 9)
DURATION : 30 min

Presented by Ivanhoé Cambridge 3GIANTS is an exceptional artistic and touristic project made possible the Government of Quebec, Tourisme Montréal, the Government of Canada and the City of Montréal. This flagship event of the summer, will allows people to get out of their isolation in a collective and playful way; performances, games, music, sound and light will take Montreal by storm in the middle of summer to offer a spectacular, surprising, friendly, unusual and unifying experience. Three imposing 50-foot-tall acrobatic archways in the shape of giants will be installed in three locations throughout the downtown area: Jardins Gamelin at Quartier des spectacles, the Esplanade PVM de la Place Ville Marie and Vinet Park near the Atwater Market. A great gathering initiated by circus people bringing in its wake restaurateurs, merchants and spectators in a great party that confirms once more that Montreal is indeed the international capital of circus arts!

The 3GIANTS will cause a joyous ephemeral chaos in their path: a beautiful disruption to the downtown Montreal routine during the summer of 2022. Their spectacular bodies made of steel, born of Quebec’s engineering genius, will call the public to come and join the party, and will host the never-before seen creations of three of Quebec’s greatest circus companies: Cirque Éloize, Les 7 Doigts and Machine de Cirque. It is the first time that these three great companies collaborate and present a creation on a common theme simultaneously. Through their distinct artistic signatures, one constant remains: the human body, which will give life to that of our giants. The giants are also those of culture, those who have left their mark on our collective imagination and our history, regardless of the discipline. Each giant will host two performances per day during MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CIRQUE - for a total of 60 free outdoor performances. Three different shows will be presented, inspired by the richness of Quebec culture and the work of great artists such as Marc Favreau, Rufus Wainwright, Louise Lecavalier, Gilles Vigneault, Hubert Reeves, Leonard Cohen, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Joséphine Bacon or Oscar Peterson, to name a few. A fabulous opportunity to come together to celebrate the return to a more normal life. Finally, circus and gastronomy, movement and life!

This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Fonds de maintien des actifs stratégiques en tourisme of Tourisme Montréal, with the financial participation of the Gouvernement du Québec.

CIRQUE ÉLOIZE at Jardins Gamelin in Quartier des spectacles

We are all stardust. Often very small in a world of giants. But sometimes giants in a very small world. Here, our bodies and our voices echo the many colors and sounds of our city, bringing out the fabulous in what seems ordinary to us. Here, with our feet in the water of the St. Lawrence, the creative gesture goes beyond the borders of the body, like a heartbeat that resonates with all the strength of the human being. Here, a piano floats. Feet in water. Like a raft saving our dreams, our souls, our loves. Giving each of us a small anchor in these times of drift. Here, voices, artists and dancers give life to this falsely dormant water, making it roar, fly and dance in a colorful burst resembling a sunset, where everything suddenly appears much brighter.


LES 7 DOIGTS on the PVM Esplanade, Place Ville Marie

The giant changes the proportions of our universe. He can become a figure of the artist, an allegory of knowledge, or a metaphor for superhumanity.
A group of workers who thrive on hard work and who flourish when together have stormed this construction site for several moons. These men and women are put to work in a highly acrobatic way to finalize this titanic undertaking and give life to this scrap metal giant. Together, they work with perseverance, authenticity, passion, conviction, stubbornness and resilience. The heart, the apparent focus of emotional turmoil, becomes the allegorical representation of the creative drive. Inspired by the intuitive movement of Les Automatistes, we offer a show that celebrates creativity in its most instinctive and visceral form. A metaphor invoking the power that collectivity can wield. A praise of the greater than self, these giants exist because we create them, because we make them live.


MACHINE DE CIRQUE at Vinet Park (intersection of Charlevoix Street and Lionel-Groulx Avenue - Lionel-Groulx metro station)

How can we become giant? What if this quest for greatness was not solitary, but rather a collective? With this new creation, Machine de Cirque invites you on an initiatory journey to the heart of yourselves, to find what is great. Driven by the music of a live DJ, a vibrant youth returns to their raw state, freeing themselves from established norms, to reinvent the world. Facing nature, they emerge from all horizons to respond to this cry from the heart that they no longer heard. For a moment, this ephemeral community will build a place of possibilities where fall and ascent intertwine, but where hope always arises. Because it has to. Influenced by the social movements of recent years, this show is an ode to change, resilience and the beauty that emerges when solitudes become a group.
Let’s become giant, together.

No performance on Saturday, July 9 at 6:00 p.m. (only at 9:30 p.m.)


Original idea: Michel Laprise
Associate Artistic Director: Daniel Ross
Designer, scenic structure: Michel Otis
Acrobatic structure designer: Guy St-Amour
Conceptualization and fabrication: Scène Éthique


The 3GÉANTS is a creation of MONTREAL COMPLETEMENT CiRQUE (a TOHU festival), presented by the Nouveau Centre. This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Fonds de maintien des actifs stratégiques en tourisme de Tourisme Montréal, with the financial participation of the Government of Quebec. We would also like to thank Canada Economic Development and the Bureau des festivals de la Ville de Montréal. We would also like to acknowledge the contribution of Montréal Centre-ville, as well as the warm welcome of the Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles. Finally, we would like to thank Radio-Canada and La Presse, our media partners.