ZKRUV LÖS - Velkome to Kouglistan!

THROW2CATCH - Kouglistan

Zkruv Los
ZKRUV LÖS - Velkome to Kouglistan!
Zkruv Lös - velkome 2
Raphael Lamy
Zkruv Lös - velkome 3
Raphael Lamy
Zkruv Lös - velkome 4
Raphael Lamy


Friday, July 7 - 7pm
Saturday, July 8 - 2pm and 7pm
(2pm: meet the artists)
Sunday, July 9 - 2pm
Friday, July 14 - 7pm
Saturday, July 15 - 2pm and 7pm
Sunday, July 16 - 2pm


Duration75 min / no intermission
PlaceBig top at TOHU


(Tax and fees included)

Regular: $35
Student (25 years & under): $25
Child (15 years & under): $15

“A multi-talented company”

- DFDanse

After travelling all around the world in their hot-air balloon, with their show Made in Kouglistan, the Gluminovitch brothers are back in Canada. And this time, Grandma and the kids are coming along!

During a one of a kind evening, the exotic siblings set up under the big top to uncover Kouglistanian rituals. Unachievable feats, wild traditional dances, crazy juggling and surreal illusions are just some of the surprises the family has in store.

A journey to a strange country that you won’t forget!


The Gluminovich family is certainly the most ancient of Kouglistan, going back way before the hydraulic butter slicer was invented. As ordered by King Kougli II, its members travel from one country to the other to share their zest for life through their show Zkruv Lös, and demonstrate their colourful traditions.

On the trip: Grandma Mameeköz, guardian of the ancestral culinary secrets, such as the mysterious fermented frog juice.
The kids, Musolinöf, Lenöf, Ädoulff and Atylä, ensure the success of the evening of festivities.
Lurking in the shadows are cousin Boodhÿn and her animals, in charge of safety, and the cafeteria.
Not overlooking the Gluminovich brothers, Gandolf, Guinsky and Bartek, bearers of traditional dances and feats.

All are looking forward to the day the world will see Kouglistan for what it really is… the most beautiful country on Earth…

“An array of technical feats and comedy the whole family will love!”

- Coconews, Martinique

Download the evening program HERE


Ginsky aka ‘Gisle Henriet’ - Co-creator - performer - kompoust master
Gandolf aka ‘Guillaume Biron’ - Co-creator - performer - sound design - goat whisperer
Bartek aka ‘Barthélémy Glumineau’ - Co-creator - performer - racoon senseï
Boudine aka ‘Magalie Betts’ - performer - master cook
Mamikoze aka ‘Peter James’ - performer - spiritual gate
Mussolinöf aka ‘Loke Henriet’ - performer - head security
Lennöf aka ‘Talia Henriet’ - performer - animal care
Adoulf aka ‘Eivind Henriet’ - performer - head carpenter
Atilöf aka ‘Kaspian Henriet’ - performer - tour manager

Geneviève Beauchamp - Costumes design and making
Karine Gauthier - Light design
Raphael Lamy - Accesories design and making

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