Un Poyo Rojo

Un Poyo Rojo - Argentina

Un Poyo Rojo Ishka Michocka
Ishka Michocka
Un Poyo Rojo Ishka Michocka 2
Ishka Michocka
Un Poyo Rojo Ishka Michocka 3
Ishka Michocka

WARNING: Rue Saint-François-Xavier will be closed to all traffic. Plan public transportation.


July 10, 8:00 PM
July 11, 8: 00 PM
July 12, 8: 00 PM
July 13, 8:00 PM
July 14, 8:00 PM


Duration65 minutes
PlaceCentaur Theatre Company


38 $
32,25 $
Senior (65 and more)
36 $
Childs (15 and under)
19 $

(Taxes not included)

Kitsch combat for athletic fighting cocks. These two actors, dancers and acrobats glide from glamor to the abject in a rhapsody of gags thoroughly choreographed

- Libération (France)

Plenty of testosterone, sweat and two clownish performers showing off in a locker room: one would think we’re in a comic book!
With a caricatural game of seduction where communication is conducted by a highly physical acrobatic dance, we laugh. From uproarious situations to cartoonish mimics, flirting can take us far… A tad provocative, the two sexy Argentinians make fun of the courtship ritual and encourage the audience to do the same through an experiment which, beyond the kitsch, provides a very human glimpse at attraction.

Brilliantly performed by a charismatic Latin dancer-actor-acrobat duo, Un Poyo Rojo, unclassifiable, brings up the heat!


Un Poyo Rojo has been around Argentina for nearly 10 years, and performed to sold-out audiences. The show set out to conquer the rest of Latin America and Europe in 2015 as it began its first world tour. The play is performed by Alfonso Baron and Luciano Rosso, two multitalented dancers, actors and choreographers, among other things. Trained in five types of dances, Luciano Rosso is a true star in his native country. His YouTube channel, filled with lip synch videos, has millions of views. For his part, Alfonso Baron is a former elite sportsman turned performer. He collaborated with several of the most recognized choreographers and dance companies in Argentina. The duo is directed by Hermes Gaido, a top stage director graduate of the Buenos Aires Art Academy.

★★★★★ Un Poyo Rojo is a joyful, brilliantly funny dance parody of macho peacocking

- The Stage


Alfonso Barón, Luciano Rosso
Nicolás Poggi, Luciano Rosso
Hermes Gaido

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