Un Domingo

Galpon de Guevara et Proyecto Migra - Argentina

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Crédit photo : Alexandre Galliez
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Crédit photo : Alexandre Galliez
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Crédit photo : Alexandre Galliez


July 7 to 16

Minimum recommended age:

13 years and older


Duration70 minutes
PlaceThéâtre Outremont



Regular from $34.20
Children under 12 from $17.10
Student -25 from $29.07
Seniors +65 from $30.78

Completely SURREAL

A baroque, wild, fun show where extreme acrobatics and primordial feelings generate explosive energy. An immersion in the life of a shameless family where everything overflows, love and hate. There is a guest. Is he the cause of this disaster? Or is he just a victim of this deplorable family? Sundays are sometimes holidays... this Sunday, however, there is a rather special party!

Galpon de Guevara and Proyecto Migra

PROYECTO MIGRA is a platform founded in 2015, specialized in contemporary circus with a strong theatrical imprint. In the course of these years it has become a benchmark in Argentina and Latin America for the quality and uniqueness of its proposals. The company is made up of a team of artists, producers and technicians.

The Galpon de Guevara is one of the leading independent theatres in Argentina, which host range of genres but specializes in the the production of physical theatre. Proyecto Migra and Galpon de Guevara also partner in organizing the only International Circus festival in Buenos Aires, the FICI.

Language spoken during the show : Spanish

Warning: brief nudity from behind

Théatre Outremont

Performers : Juan Carlos Fernandez Alvez, Sofia Galliano, Gabriela Parigi, Tomas Sokolowicz, Florencia Valeri, Tato Villanueva
Directed by : Florent Bergal
Wardrobe : Celina Santana
Lighting Design : Ricardo Sica
Operation of Lights : Laura Saban
Executive Production : Paz Cogorno
General Production : Pierpaolo Olcece

Un Domingo is a independent creation of PROYECTO MIGRA y GALPÓN DE GUEVARA