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Machine de Cirque - Canada

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Loup-William Théberge
Loup-William Théberge
Loup-William Théberge
Machine de Cirque

Dates of the shows

Saturday July 7, 8:30 PM: Longueuil

Monday July 9, 9:30 PM: Promenade Bellerive Park / Mercier

Saturday July 14, 3:30 PM: Tohu

Sunday July 15, 2:45 PM: Tohu


Duration50 minutes
PlaceVarious venues
Loup-William Théberge

From Nova Scotia to British Columbia, Machine de Cirque embarks on a cross-Canada journey with its spectacular circus caravan. Aboard a trailer which unfolds into multiple acrobatic stages created especially for this grand road trip, five performers and a musician describe the scenery along their itinerary. Buoys Juggling for the Maritimes, Chinese poles for the lush forests, a trampo-wall against the Rockies walls… the show created in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Confederation is the promise of an incredible journey.

About the company Machine de Cirque

Engineer by training and experienced artist, Vincent Dubé dreamed of combining his two passions: apparatuses and circus. He went ahead in 2013 by creating Machine de Cirque.

The first self-titled show of the company, performed at the 2015 Festival, was a testimony to the successful combination of technology and circus techniques. After touring multiple Canadian and American municipalities, the troupe conquered a large portion of Europe, and keeps on doing so.

Surrounded by a renewed team and his most recent device, the stage director promises that this second creation will have us discover all the beauty Canada has to offer.

Credits / Acknowledgments

Original idea and show writer : Vincent Dubé

Artistic direction and staging : Vincent Dubé

Comedians : Adam Strom, Dylan Herrera, Frédérique Hamel, Nate Armour, Timothé Vincent, Éric Savard

Music : Éric Savard

Music Advisor: Frédéric Lebrasseur

Costume Designer : Émilie Potvin

Artistic Advisor : Patrick Ouellet

Artistic advisor and choreographer : Harold Rhéaume

Scénographe : Vano Hotton

Concepteur d'éclairage : Bruno Matte

Concepteur sonore : Patrice Guertin

Directrice de production : Valérie Côté

Ingénieur mécanique : David St-Onge

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