Flip FabriQue - 2016 - Canada

Prouesses physiques
Norbi Whitney


Thursday July 7 — 8:30PM
Friday July 8 — 7PM
Meet the artists
Saturday July 9 — 2PM
Sunday July 10 — 2PM
Tuesday July 12 — 7PM Wednesday July 13 — 7PM
Thursday July 14 — 7PM
Friday July 15 — 7PM
Saturday July 16 — 7PM

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Duration75 minutes


Regular: starting at 32$
Student, 25 years old and under : starting at 25$
Child, 15 years old and under : starting at 15$
Senior : starting at 30$
25% of for TOHU Mordus

“The family, festive and fun place to be during this 7th edition”

- Le Devoir

"A great discovery and a beautiful encounter we warmly recommend"

- La Presse +

"A crazy energy. A lot of humor."

- Ici Radio-Canada Première

On tour with Flip FabriQue!

This endearing troupe wants to share with you, their audience, all the major and minor moments of a dynamic and lively circus life. With plenty of spirit and a swing in their step, the young creators of the hit show Attrape-moi are back to celebrate life—tenfold!

Looking back at a friendship that’s more than 10 years in the making, these partners are still going strong—and say it with daring acrobatic feats.
For the time it takes to perform the show, anything is possible! So dream big, dive head first into the present and dare to do anything at all.

Circus disciplines:
Trampoline wall, hula hoop, aerial straps, juggling, acrobatics, banquine, Russian bar

About Flip FabriQue

The multitalented acrobats of Flip come from world-renowned troupes like Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Éloize. Their first-ever show, Attrape-moi, was presented at the 2013 edition of MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE. The Quebec City troupe then hit the road for an international tour with stops in Berlin, New York, Paris, and more. Back home, the members of Flip FabriQue performed all summer at the Agora du Port de Québec as part of Crépuscule, playing before an audience of 115,000. In July, they will take to the stage at TOHU for the 3rd time.

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This year, don't miss out the fun fair just outside TOHU! All informations HERE

"So much energy to burn"

- Journal de Montréal

“Incredible acrobatic feats that just keep surprising”

- Journal Métro


Accompanied by a specialized guide, audience members will enjoy an exclusive experience before the performance. Rare anecdotes about the venue and show, a peek behind the scenes, and more—all mixed with fascinating historic circus facts.

July 8 6PM
July 9 1PM and 6PM
July 10 1PM
July 12 to July 16 6PM

Presented by



Hugo Ouellet Côté, Jérémie Arsenault, Francis Julien, Christophe Hamel, Jade Dussault, Bruno Gagnon
Original concept
Flip FabriQue
Artistic Direction
Bruno Gagnon
Alexandre Fecteau
Stage Design
Ariane Sauvé
Geneviève Tremblay
Lighting Bruno Matte
Sound conception
Antony Roy
Flip FabriQue

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