Gandini Juggling & Alexander Whitley - United Kingdom

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Simon Carter
Simon Carter
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July 3-8, 9 PM
July 6, 4 PM


Duration60 minutes

RATES (Taxes not included)

1st Category: $48
2nd Category: $39
3rd Category: $29

Kids starting at: $15
Students starting at: $24
65 and + starting at: $27

8 years +

Receive a 25% rebate for groups of 15 and more.
For more information : 514-374-3522 ext :2304 or groupes@tohu.ca

After winning over the Montréal audience with Smashed (2013) and 4x4 Ephemeral architectures (2016), the refined artists of Gandini Juggling return to the Festival!

The show, in collaboration with superlative choreographer Alexander Whitley, is the eagerly anticipated final part of a trilogy of dialogues between sophisticated juggling and dance languages. A joyous celebration where juggling and contemporary dance unite, brilliantly mixes danced movements, sharp and precise, to balls and rings. Spring, a highly refined artful experience, is a succession of impressions completed by deconstructed beats and clever lighting which accentuate the virtuosity of the performers.

In a fascinating exploration of colour, the stage is at times flooded in red, yellow or blue, and the rings change colour like magic, to the audience’s enjoyment. It’s graceful, intelligent—and there’s no shortage of the English people’s typical offbeat humour.


Visit Gandini Juggling's website here for more information.

A great crtitic of Spring in The Guardian; read.

"Spring is a total theatre, where the artforms of dance, juggling, light design, and music weave and bob their way in and out of each other."

- Total Theatre

Gandini Juggling
Gandini Juggling have for over two decades been one of the worlds most prolific and adventurous circus companies. Founded with the aim of fusing Juggling and dance, they have pushed the artistic and technical boundaries of juggling, resulting in performances that delight, astound, and defy easy categorisation.

This virtuosic approach to their discipline has led to numerous collaborations across the arts, and has resulted in the company performing over 5000 shows in 50 countries around the world.

Director: Sean Gandini

Rehearsal Director: Emma Lister

Choreographer: Alexander Whitley

Lighting Designer: Guy Hoare

Composition and Electronics: Gabriel Prokofiev

Costume Design: Claire Ashley

Cast: Kati Ylä-Hokkala, Kim Huynh, Liza Van Brakel, Tristan Curty, Dominik Harant, Yu-Hsien Wu, Sakeema Crook, Erin O’Toole, Tia Hockey

Special guest: Wes Peden

Technical Director: Guy Dickens

General Manager: Marina Arranz Guilarte

Exec Producer: Rae Lee

Tour Booking and International Development: Axel Satgé

Company Administrator: Hélène Roques

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