Sisters 7 doigts
Tom Bouchet


Les 7 Doigts - Québec


8 juillet, 20 h
9 juillet, 20 h
10 juillet, 20 h
12 juillet, 20 h
13 juillet, 20 h
14 juillet, 14 h et 20 h


Duration60 minutes
PlaceThéâtre Outremont


30 $ - 38 $ - 45 $
25 $ - 32,25 $ - 38,25 $
Senior (65 and more)
28 $ - 36 $ - 43 $
Child (15 and under)
15 $ - 22,50 $

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In this fairy tale immersed in the mesmerizing musical universe of Lhasa de Sela, two sisters who fell under a spell are bound to live together in a magical forest. Prisoners of the sisterhood, they fight for happiness using acrobatic dance and aerial movements.
Until they meet a prince… Is love the secret to happiness?
Enchanting tale both dark and funny, narrated by music, voice – and odours! –, this new 7 Doigts creation explores the relationship between siblings, the string that shapes us, frays and tightens, a connection for life. Infused with the beauty unique to the de Sela, SisterS is a forest secret to which fantasy unveils the scary and the magnificent of human relations.


Originally a play on words describing the unity of its members, Les 7 doigts de la main, which translates literally as "the 7 fingers of the hand", works with seven artistic codirectors moving towards one artistic goal.
For the past 15 years and even more creations, this ever-expanding collective has been travelling the world. After more than 9,000 performances in 45 countries, the troupe’s DNA is recognized by all. Its circus, where the extraordinary springs up of everyday life, is a mix of contemporary dance, physical theatre and breathtaking acrobatics.
TOHU’s accomplices since the beginning, Les 7 Doigts will surround themselves with big names this summer, including Sarah Pagé, harpist for Lhasa de Sela and The Barr Brothers, to present their new creation.

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Presented by

Radio-Canada TV

Les 7 Doigts et Blueline Production
Ayin de Sela, Miriam de Sela et Gypsy Snider
On stage
Ayin de Sela, Miriam de Sela, William Underwood et Sarah Pagé (harpe et voix)
Lhasa de Sela et Sarah Pagé
Video Projection
Lluvia de Sela
Photo credit
Alexandra Karam
Poster credit
Tom Bouchard

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