Se prendre

Claudel Doucet & Cooper Lee Smith, de LION LION - Canada

SePrendre Paysage
Frédérique Cournoyer Lessard
SePrendre 1
Frédérique Cournoyer Lessard
SePrendre 2
Frédérique Cournoyer Lessard
SePrendre 3
Frédérique Cournoyer Lessard
Se Prendre
Frédérique Cournoyer Lessard


July 4-14, 9 PM


Duration70 minutes
PlaceHidden apartment

RATES (Taxes not included)

General Admission : $38

15 years +

Discovery / 15 years old +

Se prendre, an experience in close proximity for adventurous spectators, carries us into the complexity of two acrobats’ intimacy.

In an apartment, we follow them from one room to another, in gentleness and pain, with an amused curiosity or taken by the intensity of their presence. Tales of the coming together of our solitude, the show is its own mirror, brutal and tender, singular and disturbing.

Confined hand to hand, adapted to daily life, the performance of the two artists is a total exposure: raw, moving, disruptive.

A must!

More info on Claudel Doucet's website here!

Claudel Doucet & Cooper Lee Smith
Co-creators and performers Claudel Doucet and Cooper Lee Smith are behind the intimate Se prendre. Claudel and Cooper cultivate an interdisciplinary creation approach, convening risk into the bodies and the presence to weaken the walls and rush into the energies that tense up, between violence and tenderness.

Claudel collaborates as director for Montréal’s National Circus School and for various projects including* Zip Zap Academy (Cape Town) and *Uniarts (Stockholm). In 2017, she creates QUE NOUS SOYONS, an in situ collaborative project co-produced by Les 7 Doigts de la main and LA SERRE – Arts Vivants.

Cooper stands out with his atypical humour, his massive presence and his interdisciplinary approach to acrobatic art. He writes all the original music for Se prendre. He collaborates from time to time with Cirque Éloize and Cirque du Soleil. Originally from Minneapolis, he graduated from Montréal’s National Circus School in 2018.

Se prendre is the first play supported by LION LION.

Co-creator and performer: Claudel Doucet

Co-creator and performer: Cooper Smith

Playwright: Félix-Antoine Boutin

Scenographer: Étienne René-Constant

Sound design: Cooper Lee Smith

Acknowledgments and support :
Se prendre would like to thank for their support:
Le Conseil des Arts et des lettres du Québec
Le Conseil des Arts du Canada
Le Conseil des Arts de Montréal

La Cie du Poivre Rose (co-production)
La Grainerie (résidence)
Rosalie Ducharme (résidence)
James Tanabe (résidence)

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