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July 5th to 15th (break on July 9th), 7:15 PM et 10:15 PM


Duration30 minutes
PlaceJardins Gamelin (Métro Berri-UQAM)


Our newest creation will be performed at Jardins Gamelin, in the Quartier des spectacles, for a total of 10 evenings!

Here's Phénix !

A large circus ring just like a big top! On a bare 360-degree stage at the core of Jardins Gamelin, dozens of acrobats execute movements and lifts in a series of scenes ruled by the body.

From the ruins of the past, a new cycle begins for men and women. Fragile, light, mobile, the bodies awaken… then, frantic, powerful, blatant, they come together, rebuild, and fly away, such as the circle that carries life.

Take place near the stage and let yourself be captivated by the story of the never-ending cycle of life, told in acrobatics, Cyr wheel, dance, juggling and aerial feats!

About Anthony Venisse, Conceptor and director of Les Minutes and Phénix

Anthony Venisse, originally from France, made Québec his own almost 20 years ago.

In addition to being a Montréal’s National Circus School graduate, he is professionally trained at the Circus Space in London.

This multitalented artist is successively assistant choreographer, teacher, clown and now stage director for independent shows as well as companies such as Cirque du Soleil. In 2007, he presents Le Concierge at TOHU, and again in 2014 during the Festival. He directed several cabarets in Germany and will contribute this year to one of the two creations by the National Circus School graduates.

Designer and director for MINUTES COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE and the large-scale production at Place Émilie-Gamelin since the very beginning, Anthony is a central pillar of MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE. Never ceasing to renew himself and pushing the boundaries for each of his creations, he brings much of the magic well known to the Festival.

Presented by


In collaboration with

Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles


Staging and Conception
Anthony Venisse
Staging Assistant
Alex Trahan Second Staging Assistant
Félix Tremblay-Therrien
Acrobatic Coach
Olaf Triebel, Itzel Martinez
Lucie Vigneault
Sound Environnment Conception
Jérôme Guilleaume
Lighting Conception
Paul Chambers
Costumes Conception, accessories and make-up
Angela Rassenti
Assistant - Costumes Conception, accessories and make-up
Jonathan Taillefer Saucier Dresser Marie-Audrey Jacques

Catherine Beaudet, Laurie Bérubé, Antoine Boissereau, Ariane Boulet, Alyssa Bunce, Sekou Camara, Maxime Charron, Marie-Adeline Choquet, Robert Cookson, Charlotte Fallu, Brittany Gee-Moore, Sam Hollis, Andréanne Joubert, Xavier Laliberté, Corentin Lemaître Auger, Ron Oppenheimer, Antino Pansa, Amie Patching, Michael Patterson, Célien Pinon, Laurent Racicot, Gabriel Robert, Elwin Roland, Selena Russo, Daniel Stefek, Sandy Tugwood, Owen Wilson, John Witte, Avi Wolf Borouchoff, Joëlle Zioerjen

Loto-Québec Towers: Design by Judith Portier.

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