Pour tous
Renald Laurin
Andrew Miller


July 4 to 14 (break on July 8)
6:30 PM et 9:30 PM


Duration30 minutes
PlaceCoin Saint-Denis et Ontario

A Festival creation

10 years of Minutes!

Thirty-two acrobats take over the street for a powerful and poetic travelling performance. Follow the bell!
Chiming down the street, they join together and disassemble, rise high into the air and make their way through the audience. Getting us involved on the way, they camouflage roofs and objects in an imperial-like parade leading to Jardins Gamelin.
The Minutes complètement cirque were created along with the Festival in 2010 and have been seen by millions of spectators. Happy birthday!

En collaboration avec

SDC Quartier Latin


Agustin Rodriguez Beltran
Amie Patching
Andrea Martinez
Antino Pansa
Antoine Boissereau
Ashley Youren
Balla Moussa Bangoura
Chanelle Allaire
Charlotte Fallu
Dean Murrell
Frida Velasco
Jasmine Gagné-Morin
Jesse Harris
Julia Stewart
Julien Desforges
Laurent Racicot
Leela Masuret
Marie-Adeline Choquet
Mathilde Richer
Mathilde Heuzé
Maxime Charron
Megan Rennels
Michael Carter
Naïka Aymon
Nancy Luna Gutiérrez
Nathan Dee
Ron Oppenheimer
Selena Russo
Yann Lortie
Yuma Arias
Zebulon Simoneau

Production Manager: Guillaume Labelle
In charge of outdoor programming: Amélie Moncelet
Production Coordinator: Catherine Pepin
Technical Director: May Gauthier
Coordo St-Denis: Diane Varlet
Coordo Gamelin: Sarah Merrette
Operations Manager: Félix Duranceau
Logistics Coordinator: Laurence Boisvert
Designer and director: Anthony Venisse
Assistant Director: Félix Tremblay-Terrien
Freestyle Coach: Olaf Triebel
Freestyle coach: Guillaume Biron
Choreographer: Lucie Vigneault
Creative Director Minutes / Gamelin: Cynthia Bouchard-Gosselin
Régisseure St-Denis: Séphanie Sanchez
Assistant Stage Manager St-Denis: Sarah Lavergne
Sound Environment Designer: Maxime Fortin
Lighting Designer: Paul Chambers
Costume Designer / Makeup: Angela Rassenti
Dressmaker: Marie-Audrey Jacques
Assistant costume / accessories / make-up: Jonathan Taillefer Saucier
Assistant to outside programming: Félix-Antoine Gauthier

Chief Sound: Mathieu Dumont
Head Sound Assistant: Guy Fortin
Chef LX: Thomas Gentleman
Chief Assistant LX: Louis-Charles Lusignan
Chef Machins: Chrisitan Belisle
Project Manager - Rigging: Marc Gauthier
Chief rigger field: Alexandre Barbu Bergeron
St-Denis shooter and rigger: Reneaud-Pierre

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