Minutes - Andrew Miller 2
Andrew Miller
Minutes - Renald Laurin 2
Renald Laurin
Minutes - Andrew Miller 1
Andrew Miller
Minutes - Renald Laurin 1
Renald Laurin




Thursday July 7 - 6:30PM and 9:30PM
Saturday July 8 - 6:30PM and 9:30PM
Saturday July 9 - 6:30PM and 9:30PM
Sunday July 10 - 6:30PM and 9:30PM
Break on Monday July 11
Tuesday July - 6:30PM and 9:30PM
Wednesday July 13 - 6:30PM and 9:30PM
Thursday July 14 - 6:30PM and 9:30PM
Friday July 15 - 6:30PM and 9:30PM
Saturday July 16 - 6:30PM and 9:30PM
**Sunday July 17 - 6:30PM and 9:30PM **


Duration30 minutes
PlaceMinutes meeting point

A Festival creation

Who are these performers tumbling down Saint-Denis Street? It’s the Minute-artists! From human flags hanging from lampposts to performing daring hand-to-hand acts off balconies, these acrobats—accompanied by their choir of citizens—launch themselves high into the air for an acrobatic performance where the very fabric of human life becomes a playground. And you’re invited!

These Minute-artists will stop suddenly mid-chorus, tease a passerby and walk on their hands—and then, in the middle of this outrageous promenade, they will guide you to an urban oasis: a flash mob performing high up in the striking architecture.
The travelling show then moves on to Place Émilie-Gamelin for a big Fracas!

Renald Laurin

With the complicity of

Presented by


In collaboration with

Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles


Staging and Conception
Anthony Venisse
Lucie Vigneault
Original Music and Sound conception
Félix Boisvert
Costumes Conception, accessories and make-up
Marilène Bastien
Martin Sirois
Acrobatic Structure
Phase Équipements

Vanessa Aviles, Una Bennett, Élise Bergeron, Maxime Blanckaert, Nathan Briscoe, Jossua Collin Dufour, Jeanne Dubé, Philippe Dupuis, Mélanie Dupuis, Yoshi Endo, Virginie Gerbeau, Quentin Greco, Rosita Hendry, Florian Jeannot, Nathan Jones, Andréanne Joubert, Vincent Kim, Nathan Knowles, Vladimir Lissouba, Alexia Martel, Angela McIlroy-Wagar, Ashleigh Pearce, Gabriel Robert, Danielle Saulnier, Brin Schoellkopf, Mizuki Shinagawa, Oliver Smith-Wellnitz, Dina Sok, Adam Strom, Jarrod Takle, Alexander Taylor, Evan Tomlinson Weintraub, Franka Tremblay, Sabine van Rensburg

Frédéric Bergeron, Saule Amirbekova, Catherine Beaudet, Charlotte Beaussier, Laurie Bérubé, Aurore Bonifay, Anaïs-Audrey Bonnot-Parent, Alix Boyer, Sébastien Breton, Elisa Bruni, Raul Bugueño, Jessica Cacciatore, Maxime D.-Pomerleau, Simone Daviault, Marc-André Dumais, Monique Gravel, Anne-Laure Jean, Zoé Lambert, Sylvie Lamothe, Louis-Simon Lapalme, Mégane Méthé, Marie Pâris, Camille Pilawa, Suzanne Poirier, Aya Raychev, Martine Raymond, Pauline Rullière, Angie Russo, Geneviève Touchette, Andrée Vachon, Guillaume Vaquer, Delphine Véronneau, Jérôme Zerges.

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