Les étoiles tomberont

La Fratrie - Canada - Québec

Pastille Découverte
La Fratrie 4
Photo credit : Julie Artacho and graphics of Philippe Poirier
La Fratrie 1
Photo credit : Maxim Paré-Fortin
La Fratrie 3
Photo credit : Maxim Paré-Fortin


July 8, 9 PM
July 9, 9 PM
July 10, 9 PM
July 13, 9 PM
July 14, 9 PM
July 15, 9 PM
July 16, 9 PM
July 17, 9 PM
July 18, 9 PM


Duration110 minutes
PlaceOutdoor show - MEETING POINT AT TOHU


General admission: $ 29
(Taxes not included, service charges included)

For everyone

From the age of 12


Departure from TOHU at 9 PM
A 15-minute walk is planned to get to the show.

The constellations at your fingertips
At the end of the day, the show Les étoiles tomberont invites you to dive into the legends of the constellations to discover the grandiose tales of Cassiopeia, The Big Dipper and Orion.

In this epic journey, theater, circus, dance and music meet and mingle in a contemporary adaptation of the founding myths, articulating a vibrant statement about our collectivity. Les étoiles tomberont is a story of power, a rebirth, an invitation to rethink the world around us.

With fifteen artists on stage, this outdoor creation unfolds a larger-than-life fresco, directed by Alex Trahan, with the support of renowned choreographer Lucie Vigneault.

Come live this unique experience, directly under the starry sky!


A young company, founded in 2016 by Alex Trahan, Erika Mathieu and Patrick R. Lacharité, La Fratrie's mandate is to create spaces for gathering, building a family over the years and through productions. The organization produces multidisciplinary works, which highlight all facets of the human being; its beauty as well as its ugliness, its grandiose as well as its flaws. Depending on the project, theater, circus, dance, music and video intersect and mix in the service of a contemporary dramaturgy. Thus, they create bridges between the disciplines, where there were walls, in order to develop a singular and innovative scenic language, aiming at excellence.

MONTREAL COMPLETEMENT CiRQUE warmly thanks the Cirque du Soleil Group for the loan of their spaces for this 12th edition of the festival.

For more information on sanitary measures in place, click here.

La Fratrie
Canada -financé par
Affaires Arts
Conseil de Montréal
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
Conseil des arts du Canada

Staging: Alex Trahan

Choreography: Lucie Vigneault

Staging assistance: Erika Mathieu

Production manager: Joëlle LeBlanc

Technical direction: Vladimir Cara

Lighting design: Anne-Sara Gendron

Sound design: Ariane Lamarre

Costume design: Dave St-Pierre

Repeaters: Audrey Rochette et Philippe Poirier

Acrobatic coach : Nicolas Germaine

Stage management : Claudie Gagnon

Élise Bergeron, Stacey Désilier, Erin Drumheller, Noémie Dufour-Campeau, Karl Farah, Andréanne Joubert, Didier Lucien, Manon Lussier, Laurence Tremblay-Vu, Alexia Martel, Fanny Migneault-Lecavalier, Marc-André Poliquin, Patrick R. Lacharité, Étienne Thibeault, Yann Villeneuve, Kim Henry

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