L'après-midi tombe quand tes biscuits se ruinent

La Croustade - Canada - Québec


From July 11 to 15 at 6pm

Recommended age:

8 years and older


Duration65 min


Regular from $36.90
Children under 12 from $18.45
Students under 25 from $31.37
Seniors +65 from $33.21

Completely PLAYFUL

L'après-midi tombe quand tes biscuits se ruinent is a 60-minute performance by two interpreters about the opposition and relationship between the child's soul and the adult's soul. It aims to create links and contrasts between these two subjects that are linked by an inevitable temporality and a disconcerting polarity. It is inspired by the typical differences in behavior that can be observed between these two phases of human life. For example: playfulness versus work; freedom versus obligations; among others.

With a circus, dance, clown and theatrical vocabulary, the two artists create different tableaux, offbeat images and scenes inspired by typical behaviors related to these phases of life.

Through the relationship of the characters (who have neither sex, nor fixed age), we can sketch snippets of stories from a pathetic daily life presented in a way that is sometimes funny...sometimes scathing...sometimes serious and grave...but always surprising.

About La Croustade

La Croustade was born from a meeting between Eline Guélat and Vincent Jutras in 2016. Since 2016, the two artists have been working more and more together to develop and refine a style that is both innovative and representative of their desires.
La Croustade's main mandate is the creation of multidisciplinary shows.

The two co-founders and co-directors of La Croustade have different artistic visions that intersect in many places. They both have the desire to push the form of the circus; to use the circus vocabulary that they possess and use it to create a new artistic product that is above all alive. They wish, while keeping their pure circus roots, to create works that merge and navigate easily between contemporary/urban dance, physical theater and clowning. They are inspired by many other art forms (painting, video, photography, cinema, fashion, architecture, comics, sculpture, music, video games, board games, cartoons, among others) to feed their work.

Eline and Vincent are simple people who base their creation on the human in its simplest form. It is very important to them that the artist shines as much by his inner beauty as by his pathos. La Croustade is interested in themes of life such as childhood, adolescence, adulthood, death, pleasure, love, friendship, games, human stupidity, innocence and the subconscious. But also through physical concepts such as the elasticity of a body, falls, gravity, tension, release, breaks in time and many others.
Her mission is to help rediscover our childlike souls through playfulness


Directors: Eline Guélat & Vincent Jutras
Performers: Eline Guélat & Vincent Jutras
Lighting design: Julie Brosseau Doré
Dramaturgical advisor: Didier Lucien
Sound design advisor: Maxime Lambert
Outside eye for object scene: Pierre-Louis Renaud
Lighting design assistant: Tristan-Olivier Breiding

Mr. Acker Bilk & His Paramount Jazz Band - Stranger on the Shore
Byetone - Opal
Mika Vainio - Stratostaati
Chilly Gonzales - Dot
Fanfare Ciocarlia - 007 Theme
Ryoji Ikeda - Data.Matrix
Imperial Japanese March - Battotai (Phil's Studio remix)
Anne Sylvestre - Les gens qui doutent
Phil Jutras - Outro qui doutent
Nicolas Jaar - A Coin in Nine Hands
Lusine - Chatter
Kronos Quartet & Laurie Anderson - The Dark Side
Hans Zimmer - Cornfield Chase
Acker Bilk & Leon Young String Chorale - Petite Fleur
André Stern - TedTalk Enthousiasme
Daniel Bélanger - Le triomphe d'une perruche