Knee Deep

Casus Circus - 2016 - Australia

Force fragilité
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Wednesday July 13 — 7PM
Thursday July 14 — 7PM
Friday July 15 — 7PM
Saturday July 16 — 7PM
Sunday July 17 — 7PM
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Duration65 minutes
PlaceEspace Go


Regular : 35$
Student, 25 years old and under : 25$
Child, 15 years old and under : 15$
Senior : 33$
25% of for TOHU Mordus


“This is a show in which every single minute counts.”

- The Guardian

Ah, those Australians! In a show where great strength meets the touching gentleness of four prodigy acrobats, it takes only a few bodies, games, a simple set, and a handful of accessories to keep us holding our breath for 60 minutes.

Unusual acrobatics, balancing acts on faces, feats that stretch the limits of what you’d think possible… Add to that a few eggs—to hold, not scramble—a good dose of charm and a pinch of madness, and you have all the ingredients that go into making Knee Deep so irresistible.

Both raw and full of finesse—and decidedly cool—Knee Deep has been making a splash around the world. Enter a world of Icelandic dream-pop and unforgettable jazz riffs to discover a show that will touch you with its simplicity and candour.

What beauty, what grace—what strength!

Circus disciplines:
Acrobatics, hand-to-hand acts

About Casus Circus

The performers behind the hyper-contemporary troupe Casus Circus are a mix of Australian phenoms. Most made their way here from the Flying Fruit Fly Circus—a renowned Australian circus school and troupe for young acrobats. Half worked with the internationally celebrated Circa company, which we’ve had the pleasure to welcome to TOHU’s stage many times over the past few years. And the final member was born in Samoa, from which he ran away at 30 to join the circus

Founded in 2011 in Brisbane, Casus Circus was born from a collaboration of different artists to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Knee Deep—the troupe’s first show—has been performed over 200 times since its inception, and garners tremendous success wherever it goes.

“An hour of inventive feats of strength and balance.”

- New York Times


A creation of
Emma SERJEANT, Jesse SCOTT, Natano FA’ANANA and Lachlan McAULAY Performers
Kali RETALLACK, Natano FA’ANANA, Jesse SCOTT, Lachlan McAULAY General Stage Manager
Nicolas PRIOUZEAU Light creation

CASUS CIRCUS, associate arttist at Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts (Brisbane)

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