La Marche du crabe - Canada - Québec

Pour tous/Famille


July 9 to 11


Duration40 min
PlaceChapiteau l'Escapade on the site of TOHU


$ 24

Toddlers from 2 years old

Back to childhood games!

HIATUS highlights these suspended moments where nothing happens, apodictic interstices to childhood games and creativity. Addressing the concepts of territories, spaces and partitions, the playground is circumscribed by a wooden palisade and a mesh fence. Cloistered in this courtyard, two acolytes enjoy constructing and deconstructing sculptures, weavings, places and routes, with the wooden blocks and clothes at their disposal. Through the window, the musician neighbor unknowingly accompanies the meanderings of their creations and their relationship. Intended for toddlers aged 2 and up, the vocabularies of dance, theater and circus are woven into a language without words, where the relationship to the other and to the space takes precedence. The musical universe combines the sounds of the wind, with clarinet and saxophone, and the rhythm of everyday sounds and manipulated materials, giving free rein to the instrumentalist to draw inspiration from both the artists on stage and the environment that surrounds them.

Driven by the need for a real artistic encounter with toddlers, La marche du crabe offers multidisciplinary creations anchored in the spectator's kinesthetic experience. By combining their expertise in dance, theater and circus, Sandy Bessette and Simon Fournier treat in a sensitive and intelligible way the different realities to which children are exposed during their human and social development. In doing so, the co-creators are concerned with diversifying the performance contexts of their works in order to renew the spectatorial experience of children and the adults accompanying them. From a common vision of the performing arts and the creation of mediation activities, they are committed to offering opportunities for access to the body, the imagination and creativity. In this way, the company contributes to the decompartmentalization of the arts and promotes openness, exchange and community spirit.

Since 2012, La marche du crabe has borrowed its techniques from different disciplines such as circus (Le Mobile), dance and puppet theater (De doigts et de pied), performance (Les Explositions), object theater and physical theater (Remous remis), street theater and clowning (Un orteil dans le vide). The company works to develop an innovative and accessible living art by renewing its relationship with the public and its relationship with the spectator.

In collaboration with

Montréal pour enfants

Credits :

Concept and choreography
Sandy Bessette
Simon Fournier
Musical Direction and Assistant Director
Delphine Véronneau
Eline Guélat and Vincent Jutras
Aurélien Tomasi
Camille Rosset-Balcer
Natasha Descôteaux
Set design
Frédéric Lemieux-Cormier mentored by Daniel Bennett
Illustration and poster
Alexa Perchemal and drawing by Frédéric Lemieux-Cormier