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July 9-14, 8 PM
Shows at 3 PM on July 13 and 14

Added shows:

July 17-20, 8 PM



RATES (Taxes not included)

Gold-VIP: $61
1st Category: $52
2nd Category: $35

8 years +

Receive a 25% rebate for groups of 15 and more.
For more information : 514-374-3522 ext :2304 or

The daredevils of company Analog invite you to a supercharged evening, complete with live music and crazy acrobatics. Driven by a pop diva and her sidekick drummer, FINALE twists cabaret, circus and rock together into a wild party you won't forget!

Joy leads the way and unforgettable feats follow one another as each of the eight friends perform breathtaking acts, showing off their lively personalities and unparalleled skill. Join this playful band as they spread their infectious, overflowing energy into the audience and out into the night.

A new acrobatical-comedic encounter between festivals MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE and Juste pour rire at Théâtre St-Denis 2! Until July 20.

Listen to FINALE's on Spotify and Apple Music !

Artists Bertan Candelbek (juggler and acrobat) and Manda Rydman (aerial rings and vertical string) from Analog answered some of our questions so that the Montreal public could get to know them better!
Read it here!

"This festive and effervescent apotheosis is at the image of this show that does not stop. We find all the spirit of the circus in there: the strength of the troupe, the taste of risk and the communicative pleasure, a success all along the line."

- Josée Lapointe, La Presse

"The Analog collective obviously manages to heat the room, to inoculate this sense of celebration and spontaneity that represents the show."

- Isabelle Paré, Le Devoir

Analog was founded in 2013 by Berliner-by-choice Florian Zumkehr and his then partner with the express aim of removing all artifice and developing an independent poetry of circus. Analog is characterised by authenticity, high technical ability, and direct interaction with the audience, so the fun and passion on stage carries over to the audience

In association with

Juste pour rire

Artists: Bertan Candelbek, Ole Lehmkuhl, Manda Rydman, Richie Maguire, Carlos Zaspel, Lukas Thielecke, Florian Zumkehr

Drums & composition: Lukas Thielecke

Composition: Lukas Thielecke, Ena Wild

Vocals : Imani Pearl Williams and Kesia Clemence A. Quental

Creative director & performer: Florian Zumkehr

Creative Coach: Rostislav Novak Jr.

Costume & makeup design: Kristina Zaveska

Light design: Ondrej Kyncl

Set design: Hynek Drizhal

Musical arrangement & sound design: Jindrich Kravarik

Set painter: Lukas Musil

Production manager: Betka Hockova

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