Marta & Kim - Norway/Netherlands

Pastille Découverte

July, 8 to 11


Duration35 min
PlaceTOHU - Espace Cascades


$ 12

Let’s share an imaginary space!

Your body is an amazing ecosystem, living within a little society that again is part of the world.

From identifying the tiniest particle to grasping our entire existence, humans are always busy trying to understand the world. No matter which lens we look through, zooming in or out, life is an ongoing process of change. All we need to do to be a part of that, is breathe. Everything else is optional.

FASE is an invitation to share an imaginary space together. Three performers explore mechanisms and systems with their bodies, merging tangible structures into ecosystems and social dynamics. What does it mean to be part of something? How do we exist together? For a moment we all become a part of the performance FASE. A memory that we facilitate and maintain only for as long as it matters.

Who are Marta and Kim?

Marta and Kim are a Dutch/Norwegian duo, combining circus and dance into their performances. They are interested in human connection, which is the base for their partnering work. Playing with seemingly impossible figures that speak to the imagination, while staying in touch with the fragility of being human.

The presentation of FASE is made possible through the participation of NORDIC BRIDGES 2022 in collaboration with Harbourfront Center, Toronto and with the support of Icelandair as the official transportation partner of the artists.

With the participation of :

Nordic Bridges
Iceland Air


Performers :
Vincent Kollar, Kim-Jomi Fischer, Marta Alstadsæter Concept and Choreography:
Kim-Jomi Fischer, Marta Alstadsæter Music :
Erlend Apneseth & Stephan Meidell - mixed by Stephan Meidell
Merel Heering
Dorine van IJsseldijk
Edwin van Steenbergen
Creative producer:
Annejon Okhuijsen
Rehearsal director:
Heleen van Gigch
Publicity image:
Alexander Browne
Paul Sixta
Dansateliers, Davvi – Senter for Scenekunst, Festival Circolo, Festspillene i Nord-Norge
Financially supported by:
Det norske komponistfond, Fond for lyd ogbilde – prosjektstøtte, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Gemeente Rotterdam.