Cabaret du Jugement Dernier

Le Monastère - Canada - Québec

Cabaret du Jugement Dernier 1
Photo credit : Caroline Thibault
Cabaret du Jugement Dernier 2
Photo credit : Caroline Thibault
Cabaret du jugement dernier 4
Photo credit: Caroline Thibault
Cabaret du jugement dernier 3
Photo credit : Caroline Thibault


July 9, 9 PM
July 10, 9 PM
July 15, 9 PM
July 16, 9 PM
July 17, 9 PM


Duration60 minutes


General admission: $ 38.95
(Taxes not included, service charges included)

From 12 years old.

Who’s going to heaven?
Always willing to welcome on stage the best of contemporary circus artists, Le Monastère took advantage of the MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE buzz to organize a very special circus cabaret - Le Jugement Dernier!

Attend a unique contest in the Jardin of Centre St Jax, animated and dressed by Le Monastère and XPMTL! Take advantage of the summer temperatures and see the province’s best artists parade before your eyes and those of a jury composed of major players of the Quebec circus scene. They will present their acts in their purest forms, just as they imagined them, and you will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite.
Who will win the Golden Chalice or the People's Choice Award? Attend the awards ceremony on the last day and see which acts have won!

For the duration of the Festival, come stroll through the Jardin and be surprised by Montreal's artistic animations and surprises... A gathering space to make citizens rediscover the circus’ artistic gems.

First part:

Ouverture - Dj Michel Michel
Maître de Cérémonie - Anthony Venisse
1. Mât pendulaire - Ron Oppenheimer
2. Monocycle - Emile Mathieu
3. Hamac aérien - Selene Ballesteros-Mingüer
4. Cerceau aérien - Giulia Scamarcia
5. Bain acrobatique - Marjorie Nantel

Second part:

  1. Cadre russe - Marie-Élaine Mongeau et Gianfranco Di Sanzo
  2. Jonglerie - Nathan Biggs-Penton
  3. Équilibre - Valérie Doucet
  4. Roue Cyr - Shena Tschofen


Founded in 2016 by Rosalie Beauchamp and Guillaume Blais, Le Monastère is a non-profit social economy organization that actively contributes to the popularization of the circus as well as to the influence of Montreal as the world capital of this art. For the founders, both artists who have traveled the world with the greatest companies such as Cirque du Soleil and the great German cabarets, it is essential to offer new ways of appreciating this art to a public eager for cultural novelties. By privileging the cabaret form, Le Monastère allows spectators to discover, or rediscover, the most talented artists in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Inspired by European cabarets, the artistic vision of Le Monastère highlights Quebec-based talent. Located at the St. Jax Centre in Montreal, inaugurated in 1864 on St. Catherine Street West, the organization offers spectators the opportunity to live unique experiences.

To find out more about the sanitary measures in place, click here.


Le Monastère:
Assistant project manager and stage manager - Maude Girard

Sound designer - Jérôme Guilleaume

Lighting designer - Chantale Labonté

Acrobatic hanging designers - Crew That

Co-director - Guillaume Blais

Co-director - Rosalie Beauchamp

Casting director and artistic coordination - Annie-Kim Déry

Marketing and Communications Director - Manon Fath

Partnerships coordinator - Alizé Honen-Delmar

Coordinator of public funding - Alice Kop

The Monastery wishes to thank the Gouvernement du Québec for its support through the Fonds d'initiative et de rayonnement de la métropole administered by the Secrétariat à la région métropolitaine du ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation. The project is also supported by the SDC Montréal centre-ville as well as the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

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