Barely Methodical Troupe - 2016 - United Kingdom

Virtusité physique


Saturday July 9 - 8:30PM
Sunday July 10 - 8:30PM
Meet the artists
Monday July 11 - 8:30PM
Tuesday July 12 - 8:30PM
Wednesday July 13 - 8:30PM
Thursday July 14 - 8:30PM


Duration60 minutes
PlaceCentaur Theatre Company


Regular : 35$
Student, 25 years old and under : 25$
Child, 15 years old and under : 15$
Senior : 33$
25% of for TOHU Mordus

« Sympathique bromance »

- Journal Métro

« Vous serez assurément touchés »


★ ★ ★ ★

"A touching, thoughtful show about being male."

- The Financial Times

« La démonstration d’une virtuosité physique »


"One of the most charming circus shows."

"Astonishing circus skills"

- Timeout, Edinburgh

Three jokers—the daredevils you remember from school: That’s the Barely Methodical Troupe. Talented? Absolutely. Daring? You bet. Playful? You have no idea.

Competitions, winks, plenty of sweat—plus a jaw-dropping Cyr wheel routine. With an irresistible passion that only a generous dose of youth can bring to nonchalance, these adorable Brits engage in friendly quarrels with their impressive and dizzying feats. And they’ll have you laughing while they’re at it.

That’s not all there is to this dynamic show, which won an award at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival. Under the rippling muscles and shows of strength, these three friends let their uncomfortable tenderness show. Hidden beneath boastful confidence, we catch a hint of insecurity, humanity and friendship between men. A real bromance!

Circus disciplines:
Cyr wheel, hand-to-hand acts, acrobatics

About Barely Methodical troupe

The three artists behind Bromance studied at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London, and arrived there on very different paths. Charlie Wheeller—the Cyr wheel pro—has been break dancing since he was a teen, and his talent earned him a top-20 finish on So You Think You Can Dance in 2011. Louis Gift’s love of parkour led him to discover acrobatics and set the course for a career in gymnastics. For Beren D’Amico, his lifelong practice of taekwondo gave way to an interest in stage combat. Once they graduated, the three friends entered many festivals and finally collaborated to create Bromance.

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Due to major construction work around the Centaur, François-Xavier street is not accessible, we invite you to use public transport. Place d'Armes Metro station is at 3 minutes walk.
If you want to take your car, please make sure you will have enough time to park.

Please note that latecomers will not be allowed in the venue

Barely Methodical Troupe
Beren D’Amico, Louis Gift, Charlie Wheeller
Eddie Kay
Di Robson
Associate Producer
Molly Nicholson; Associate Director: Ella Robson Guilfoyle
Lighting Design
Kate Bonney

Produced by DREAM and developed with support from Underbelly Productions and the National Centre for Circus Arts as winners of the Circus Maximus competition

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