Girovago, l’art en mouvement, créateurs de Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra - Québec - Canada

Pour tous


July 6 to 17


Duration75 min



An extraordinary festive chaos!

BARKA is a celebration of life and a call to hope and freedom. Afro-Colombian percussion, Balkan melodies, dance and circus merrily intertwine in a show filled with delirious energy and aural, visual and sensory richness.

We all find ourselves in a boat. Explorers, migrants or survivors, it doesn't matter, we are gone. The journey has begun, each one of us in search of our dream. But we all float together in motion, while a big storm is coming on the horizon. We will have to make sure that the boat does not sink!

"Absolutely sensational! "

- Tedeas Mahel, Akurnik, Czech Republic

"GKO’s highly theatrical and interactive approach unleashed the perfect creative chaos to be one of Canada’s most exciting and entertaining world music ensembles"

- TD SunFest, London Ontario

Who is Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra ?
Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra (GKO) is an explosion of music and dance, circus and imagination. Part of an international cumbiero movement, the orchestra fuses Colombian Caribbean rhythms and percussion with influences from around the world, and brings them together in a creative chaos that makes people dream and dance.

GKO's music has a flavor that transports you to a sublime tropical landscape, to the extravagance of the Balkan universe, or to the "golden age" of brass bands. Combining accordion, violin, clarinet, brass section, Colombian percussion, singing and dancing, GKO is a world unto itself.

Who is GIROVAGO, l'art en mouvement ?
GIROVAGO is an interdisciplinary creative company under the artistic direction of Carmen Ruiz and Juan Sebastian Mejia, performing artists of Colombian origin. Our mission is to support the creation, production and dissemination of art in movement, art that makes people dance and transforms individual, social and cultural imaginations.

Presented by:

La Presse

Artistic and General Direction
Juan Sebastian Mejia and Carmen Ruiz
Stage Direction
Patrick Léonard and Ricard Soler Mallol
Musical Direction and Arrangements
Aurélien Tomasi
Original Music
Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra
Artists :
Juan Sebastian Mejia : Voice and percussion
Carmen Ruiz : Dance
Brittany Gee-Moore : Circus
Alexie Maheu : Circus
Nathan Biggs-Penton : Circus
Anit Ghosh : Violin
Aurélien Tomasi : Clarinet and Saxophone
Chantal Urbain : Accordion
Ivan Bamford : Percussion
Blanche Moisan-Méthé : Tuba
Bertrand Margelidon : Trumpet

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