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Bazar Production proudly presents the very special Show Devant: Circus Arts Truck!
Fire alarm! Quickly, the firefighters jump into action. But wait, false alarm! Oh, but their repetitive movements now morph into astonishing aerial circus acts and the ladders and hoses become accomplices to daring acrobatic feats. Behold, a great living fresco sure to fire up audiences one and all and light up their imaginations!
Be there for this one-of-a-kind circus performance on Saturday, July 6 on Clock Tower Quay’s Event Platform for two shows! One at 3pm and another 6pm. Plus a special treat for audiences big and small: Visits of the firetruck after the show!
July 6, 2024, at 3pm and 6pm
Duration: 45 minutes (30-minute show + 15-minute truck visit)

Bon Voyage by Cirque Éloize

Bon Voyage is a 60-minute immersive family show combining live arts, acrobatics and 360° mapping projection. In 1885, Montreal, the country's economic metropolis, is going through difficult times, and the new mayor, Honoré Beaugrand, is facing a number of challenges. It was amid this turbulence that Dalhousie Station was built. A symbol of national unity, the creation of the Trans-Canada Railway is a project with immense social and political ramifications, at the very roots of the creation of Canada.
Join the artists as they plunge into the hustle and bustle of late 19th-century Montreal, and enjoy the fantastic experience of the first train journey from Dalhousie Station to Port Moody, British Columbia, on June 28, 1886.
The immersive Bon Voyage show, directed by Fernand Rainville, will be presented from July 3, 2024 in the creative studios located in the former Dalhousie Station, in the heart of Old Montreal. TICKETS

Kurios by Cirque du Soleil

A Researcher believes that within his enormous cabinet of curiosities lies a secret, invisible universe of the wildest concepts and highest aspirations. When otherworldly characters appear in his fictional mechanical universe, they try to awaken the Researcher's creativity by turning his world upside down and adding a touch of humor and poetry. At the same time, his curiosities come to life one by one before his very eyes.
Until August 25, under the Big Top at the Old Port of Montreal. TICKETS

The LORCA project - Ezdanza

Edgar Zendejas explores and evokes Lorca through a strong and singular language, highlighting a creative landscape renewed by the presence of acrobatic virtuosity integrated with contemporary dance.
Travelling from one discipline to another, the LORCA project unfolds in an organic flow through movement, music and emotions, against a visually captivating backdrop. These diverse artistic forms have enabled Edgar Zendejas to create a space for exploration rich in varied voices and expressions, offering an integrated and innovative approach.
Wednesday, July 10, 2024 from 9pm to 10pm

Documentary: "Grazing The Sky" at cinéma Beaubien

“Grazing the Sky” offers a revealing look at the incredible physical feats of circus acrobats and tells compelling stories of men and women facing adversity, including the real risk of serious and irreversible injury. The price of life in the spotlight includes years of study and practice, iron discipline, a constant commitment to learning new skills and relentless travel far from home. The film takes us from circus schools in Turin, Lisbon, Brussels... to Cirque du Soleil in Montreal. Director Horacio Alcalá has been involved in the circus arts for seven years. For this film, he traveled to 11 different countries over five years to capture the personal stories of circus artists. He discovered a new reality where future artists can learn their craft in specialized schools rather than through family inheritance. The trapeze becomes a metaphor for life's ambitions, made poignant by the ever-present risk of falling."
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