Place Pasteur - Montreal

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From July 6 to 16

5:30 PM to 11:30 PM


DurationFrom 5:30 PM to 11:30 PM
PlacePlace Pasteur


5:30 PM TO 11:30 PM, EVERY DAY!

The den - not at all secret! - of the acrobats of this 14th edition is back! The artists meet, work, celebrate, some even live there... One thing is certain, at the new CIRQU'EASY presented by Loto-Québec of MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE, Place Pasteur (on Saint-Denis, between De Maisonneuve and Sainte-Catherine streets), anything can happen! A picnic table could become a stage; a badminton net, a wire; the bar, an improvised dance floor... when acrobats take over a place, you can expect anything!

Both an immersive experience and a place to relax, CIRQU'EASY, created and directed by Sarah Beauséjour, is a lively bar where festival-goers are invited to hang out and enjoy a cocktail, chat with friends, and experience the surprise of spontaneous, high-level acrobatic performances. Live music, funky and sunny energy, this festive space under the stars, infused with the madness of the circus, also offers a play area with game tables, hot dogs and ice cream!

The Carnaval de cirque social at Cirqu'Easy on July 10, 2023

The festival team is very pleased to welcome this year's Social Circus Carnival in its facilities on July 10. Come and discover the Social Circus Carnival, an unforgettable event under the sign of social inclusion ! This annual event brings together up-and-coming circus artists, as well as marginalized youth or youth at risk of exclusion who are actively involved in its implementation. Enjoy a full evening of street circus performances, music and interactive activities, in a privileged atmosphere that encourages extraordinary encounters.

This year, under the theme "Our strangeness, without filter", diversity and originality will be more than ever in the spotlight. You are invited to dive into a universe where everything is possible, where the only rule is to have fun and be yourself, without filters or barriers.

Credit : Sage rebelle photo

With the participation of UQAM.


Credits Cirqu'Easy Loto-Québec
Designer & Director: Sarah Beauséjour
Scenography: Alix Brenneur
Costume design: Philippe Massé
Lighting design: Stéphane Ménigot
Assistant Director: Valérie Benoit
Musical Director: Dominic Dagenais

Pauline Bonanni, Gaël Della Valle, Connor Patrick Houlihan : Barre Russe
Dominique Bouchard : Diabolo & Bartender
David Ayotte : Mat chinois & Bartender
Samuel Renaud : Bartender
Mikaël Bruyère L’abbé : Mat chinois & Bartender
Joachim Ciocca : Monocycle
Cory Marsh : roue cyr & Dj
Anna Fisher: Hula-hoops
Saffi Watson : contorsion, aerien platform and singing
Sarah Louis-Jean : Bolas & feu
Elke Lauren Uhd : suspension capillaire-trapèze danse
Pierre Harry Erizias : Musicien
Alexander Lioubimenko : Musicien
Gregory Kustka-Tsimbidis : Musicien
Dominic Dagenais : Directeur musical et Musicien