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Le Monastère - Canada

Monastère 5
Caroline Thibault
Monastère 6
Caroline Thibault
Monastère 7
Caroline Thibault
Monastère 8
Caroline Thibault
Caroline Thibault


Thursday, July 12th, 8 PM
Opening door, 7:30 PM


Duration105 minutes
PlaceThéâtre Plaza (métro Beaubien)


General: 32.04CA$

Tables: 39.80CA$

VIP: 52.22CA$

(Taxes and fees included)

Le Monastère

Our cabarets nights are back with new artists! Renowned artists from Quebec and elsewhere will show off their skills on the Monastere's scene!

In an intimate and warm atmosphere, you may enjoy all the artists' art workship thoughout their incredible acrobatics. Presented by a uproarious master of ceremonies, the contemporary circus' cream of the crop will be shown to you for a memorable night!

At each show, discover new talents...

For more information :

Founded in 2016 by Rosalie Beauchamp and Guillaume Blais, the Monastery is a nonprofitable organism, a catalyst of popularization of the circus arts, and a springboard for the local artists. For its two founders, circus artists who performed thoughout the world with the biggests circus companies like Cirque du Soleil and German Carbarets, it's important to offer new ways to appreciate the art of circus to crowds that want to discover new cultural events. With the Cabaret's form, The Monastery offers a more convivial, relaxed and affordable way to bring the artist closer to its audience. With this in mind, the organization contributes to the circus arts ecosystem in Quebec and creates jobs for local artists and artisans.

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