Tour de piste

TOUR DE PISTE (oral presentations)

Call for Projects

November 1st, 2020

November 9 to 13, 2020 (as part of CINARS Web)

PLEASE NOTE: The Circus Coffee Hours will replace our usual Tour de piste pitch session for the month of November. These coffee hours will be an opportunity for CINARS Web participants to come and chat informally with circus artists. Each day will be dedicated to projects from one region of the world. More information to come!


Artists, producers, & agents working in the field of contemporary circus are invited to submit proposals for the MICC virtual Tour de Piste activities.

The virtual Tour de Piste events will be online sessions in which contemporary circus artists and companies will pitch their shows and/or concepts to an audience of venue and festival programmers.


Frequently asked questions

Who is this call for projects for? This opportunity is open to professional circus companies with a touring history. Individual artists will be considered if they regularly tour full-length circus works.

When will these activities be taking place? The first sessions will be held from July 6 to 9, 2020. We will hold monthly sessions from that point forward.

Is there a deadline to submit? No, projects will now be accepted on a rolling basis, with a monthly selection process. However, to be considered for the first July sessions, submit your project by June 14.

Is there a cost to submit? No! Submitting and presenting a project is free.

What will these events include? Each session will display 5 to 7 presentations and will last about an hour. The pitches will be live and webcast.

What types of projects are accepted? To reflect our current realities, the online Tour de Piste will accept pitches of the following types: 1) Tour-ready full-length contemporary circus productions (highest priority), 2) Full-length contemporary circus productions which are currently in a creation phase, 3) Full-length contemporary circus productions which are currently in a concept phase, 4) Your artistic response to the current circumstances, 5) Your proposed circus-based public/community engagement/outreach strategy/activity.



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From November 9 to 13, as part of CINARS WEB
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